Keep their eyes on the prize

Your content is what draws the attention of your followers. Here are some great nuggets to include in your content so your audience engages with you online.

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1. Be Unique
Everyone is yelling for attention. Try something different. Put a picture of a pretty face and ask a question. What hair product do you think she uses to get such full curls? See what we did there?…:)

2. Tag an adjacent business
If you make a product, tag a complimentary one on your post. This works even better if you work with the company already.

3. Play with the color
A black & white picture can be more interesting on someones timeline because it stands out. Experiment with the filters to make a monochromatic pic bring you some new followers.


4. Create a poll
Who doesn’t love to give their opinion? Ask an open question about something related to your product or service then sit back and watch the comments come in.

5. Upload more than one picture at a time
Multi-photo posts draw the interest during scrolling. Just try it, TOLD YOU!

6. Request a topic from the masses
If you give the people what they want, you’ll see them engage more on your page.

7. Stop selling
Show more than just sales posts. Add inspirational quotes, candid shots. Show the people that you are human and they’ll interact with you like one.
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