Proven tools to retain clients

Here are some effective marketing tools for small businesses.
cents1. Text Message Marketing Works!
You’re probably reading this on your phone. All your favorite customers are browsing your site from their cell. This is where your message should be. Run an instant sale! Get customers in the door! We can help!
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2. Giveaways Turn Visitors into Customers

FREE is a four letter word that won’t get you in trouble. Offer a discount or a freebie at no cost in exchange for a visitor’s email, you can market to that visitor over time. Studies show that a customer needs to see your ad 7 times on average before they make a purchase. Your visitors found you on purpose, stay in touch with them using an online newsletter…like this one 😉

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3. New Content Breeds New Customers

When your site has not been updated, your company looks disconnected from it. Regularly updated content makes your company appear to be on the pulse of it’s industry. There are many easy/painless ways to keep your site fresh: connect your social media accounts (if you keep them updated), post a weekly blog or import news stories related to your industry from a reliable source.

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